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11 December 2030 @ 07:58 pm

This journal is friends only. As the banner says, comment if you want to be friends with me. I mainly talk about my personal life here (ex: College, my orchestra, etc.), and the only entries that are open to the public are the photography entries. I'm actually quite boring...then again I do have my interesting moments, but those are rare.

A few things about me before you decide to add me:
1) I like listening to Johnnies: NEWS, Kanjani∞, and a little bit of 嵐. However I don't blog about it excessively and commonly like the other people upon the internet within the JE fandom.
2) I am a nerd. So I will mention things I like, which is rare.
3) I like photography. I take pictures of cosplay photo shoots, anime conventions, and when I travel. Those will be public entries.
4) I play the accordion. I will mention my orchestra and stuff related to it once in a while.
03 July 2012 @ 11:45 pm
So Anime Expo has finished yesterday. Me, Ka-chan, and Kiya did pretty well for Artist Alley this year. Now besides that, let's get to the photos. Note: These will be mainly photo shoot stuff. I got extremely sort of picky since I want to show the good ones. However, I just wish that we could redo the Legend of Korra photo shoot. There are some photos I want to redo...but this is just me being picky. ^^;; If we do a redo photo shoot, I want to do it at the Anime Club's Cosplay Picnic even though our Mako won't be there.

First Photoshoot: Sket Dance

Click Here! Warning: Mildly Image HeavyCollapse )

Second Photo shoot: Legend of Korra.

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My cousin's other cosplayCollapse )

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I know I promised to do a SMAP song for translating lyrics-wise, but I couldn't find the paper w/ the lyrics nor could I remember what song we listened to. >_>; So I decided to translate another Vocaloid song since it seems like there's no english or romanji lyrics for it.


Kanji lyricsCollapse )


Romanji lyricsCollapse )


English lyricsCollapse )
Here's another song we listened to in Japanese class last month. There are two more songs I'm going to translate, and the next song will be a SMAP song. :Db Yes my Japanese 305 teacher is a SMAP fan, and she's not ashamed to say it.


Kanji LyricsCollapse )

Romanji lyricsCollapse )


English lyricsCollapse )
This one wasn't used in my Japanese class, but I translated it because it's good practice for me. XD; This one was a bit complicated to the presentation of the sentences and also the tone of the lyrics itself. So some wording may seem unclear. If something doesn't seem right, tell me and I'll fix it. Note: My lyrics aren't meant for singing. It's meant for a "better" understanding of the song itself.

illustration : ハツ子
movie&encode : ke-sanβ
train : スズム

Japanese LyricsCollapse )


Romaji lyricsCollapse )


English lyricsCollapse )
This one was a bit easier than my first one, but I like how I translated it. Click the title for a video of the original song. If you think it sounds familiar, it is because Ray Charles sang this song in English. (Note: I didn't put in the lyrics of the version he sang here. These are translated lyrics of the Japanese lyrics.)

作詞:桑田佳祐 (Kuwata Keisuke)
作曲:桑田佳祐 (Kuwata Keisuke)
歌手:サザンオールスターズ (The Southern All Stars)


Kanji lyricsCollapse )


Romanji LyricsCollapse )


English lyricsCollapse )
08 July 2011 @ 02:40 pm
 So here are more photos from AX'11

AX'11 Part 2; Warning: Image HeavyCollapse )

05 July 2011 @ 04:47 pm
Back from AX. Interesting time with its weird moments, but it was still fun. Didn't take a lot of pictures because of Vic Mignogna autograph line. Granted he is a nice guy (though some say he's a bit of a creeper), but his fuckin' fans reminded me why I hate craycray fangirls. :|

Stupid Vic Mignogna fangirlsCollapse )


Now onto happier things...let's show some photos! 8D

AX'11 Photos; Warning: Image HeavyCollapse )


04 February 2011 @ 09:00 am
 I took Ash's Pikachu that I got from the Toy R Us, and bred it to have awesome little Pichus. Now I have a bunch of baby Pichus that know Charm, Volt tackle, Iron Tail, and Thunderbolt....anyone want one? .__.;
10 January 2011 @ 02:29 pm
ALA was a lot of fun. My roommates were really nice people, and I really enjoyed it. ^_^

There's not a lot of pictures because I didn't really want to lug the camera around while carrying my Copic markers and sketch book. XD;;;

I went to a mecha/gunpla building panel. I learned a lot of informative things about building gunplas. The only thing I find a bit worrysome is the amount of primer, cement glue, etc. used for the models. I know it's to make the models look less...toy-like in a way, but I seriously don't have the time to do all of that. :\ When I have more time, I'll get to do more complicated stuff like that. Ka-chan, her friend Randy, and I went to the Artist Sketch Jam. It's a place where you're supposed to hang out with other artists and makes friends. We didn't do that and instead huddled in a little corner talking about things. We also made a lot of snide comments, so it was basically our little corner of sarcasm. :D There was also one guy who was scopin' out the whole room, and he looked at my lineart like as if I'm competition for him. Dude...it wasn't that good and it's not really qualified for "competition material". ¬_¬;; But other that, all three of us had fun talking while drawing/coloring throughout that workshop. Now onto photos!

ALA '11 photosCollapse )